Empowering Excellence: Navigating the AI-Powered Digital Business Landscape

Embark on a journey into the future of digital business with insights from the AI-Powered Digital Business Bootcamp. Discover the synergy between AI and human brilliance, explore transformative AI tools, and learn ethical strategies for responsible AI integration. Join me as we navigate the digital landscape with excellence and innovation

The Excellence Mindset: How to Do Your Best Work?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be truly excellent at something? What mindset allows some people to achieve at the highest levels consistently? I just worked with a group of corporate leaders on “Leadership Excellence” a few days ago.  One of them said, “Siva, I don’t think we should be focusing on being […]

Why you shouldn’t advice teenagers

Do you generally like unsolicited advice? Do I like it either? – No…No…No. I hate it, You hate it and I am sure our children hate it too. In spite of knowing this, we end up giving advice all the time. Recently someone from a leading academic institution called me and said “Sir, can you […]

Why Communication is a Strategic Skill Not a Soft Skill

Last week, I received a phone call from a leading organisation’s HR department asking me to conduct a “Soft Skills” program for their Team Leaders. When I asked few specific questions, then came the answer, “we need them to be better communicators with their clients, colleagues and managers.” Communication is key in every aspect of […]

Why aren’t your team as passionate as you are

“Is your team as passionate as you are?”, is the question I asked while interacting with a group of Senior Managers on Leadership Pipeline and Succession Planning. It was in an organisation with aspirational goals of moving from 7th place in the market to 2nd place in 3 years timeline. None of them could confidently […]

ThinkFluence – Train your brain to make effective decisions

Have you ever wondered how your decision making, memory and emotions work? I keep thinking, studying and researching about this astounding design called Human Brain. To me, it’s fascinating to understand this more and better. Why is human brain so special? In simple terms, Human Brain has three basic layers namely – Reptilian brain, Mammalian […]

Public Speaking is NOT Professional Speaking

Are you looking for a Key Note Speaker for your next Conference, Seminar, All Hands Meeting, Executive Summit, Annual Strategy Meeting or any Big Ticket Event…? How do you select a Guest Speaker? How often you invited a speaker and ended up thinking of not listening to him or her once more…? How often you […]

Millennial personality traits that you can’t ignore

Are you noticing that annual performance reviews and rigid working hours are slowly fading away from the workplace in recent times? The formal work environment is fast changing into a casual and informal workplace that increases better communication and connect within the organisations. Millennial workers in specific are the influencers of making workplaces more informal. […]

Mastering change during the times of unprecedented volatility

Almost every day we encounter changes and increasing complexity driven by volatility in the business environment. Managing and responding to changes rapidly and effectively is going to be a competitive advantage to any business or professional. However, when I ask this one question “Are your people well equipped to identify, embrace and take on Change […]

Key Takeaways from my Masterclass on “Strategic Teaching”

I am getting lots of accolades after my widely acclaimed masterclass on “Strategic Teaching”. Here I am sharing some key takeaways. Three truths about education system: Three things that matter the most for an education system are:  Six critical components involved in Strategic Teaching are:               Learning Objectives, Teaching Methods, Levels of Learning, Levels of Engagement, […]