Why you shouldn’t advice teenagers

Do you generally like unsolicited advice? Do I like it either? – No…No…No.

I hate it, You hate it and I am sure our children hate it too.

In spite of knowing this, we end up giving advice all the time. Recently someone from a leading academic institution called me and said “Sir, can you please come and talk our students, give them some good advice and motivation. We can do the same, but they will listen better if it comes from someone outside”.

We need to understand this truth – “Advice seldom works”.

It’s not just for the young, but for anyone and everyone. That’s how our brain is wired. Honestly, whenever someone gives me advice, my inner voice within replies “Mind your own business”, “I know how to handle”, “Leave me alone”. By all chances, I’ll be politely listening, while privately ignoring. And this is what happens in most of the so-called Motivational Speaking sessions.

Then, what does work?

Stories. Yes, stories work much better than advice.

Next time when you speak to teenagers – don’t give them advice, instead, tell them stories.

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