Mastering change during the times of unprecedented volatility

Almost every day we encounter changes and increasing complexity driven by volatility in the business environment. Managing and responding to changes rapidly and effectively is going to be a competitive advantage to any business or professional.

However, when I ask this one question “Are your people well equipped to identify, embrace and take on Change Requirements?” most often the answer is “not a convincing Yes”.

Running an organisation during best of its times is not a big deal, but surviving under volatile conditions is most challenging. Leaders should fundamentally understand that people are their greatest strategic resource.

Especially during difficult times your employees and managers are the ones who could be of great help in turning around the organisation. However, their ability to rise up the situation is based on how well you’ve equipped them to handle changes effectively.

It’s practically not possible to predict exactly how the future would be, but it’s absolutely possible to build organisations that will survive and flourish under any possible future.

It’s important to understand that “Organisations don’t change. People do or they don’t”.

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