Millennial personality traits that you can’t ignore

Are you noticing that annual performance reviews and rigid working hours are slowly fading away from the workplace in recent times?

The formal work environment is fast changing into a casual and informal workplace that increases better communication and connect within the organisations.

Millennial workers in specific are the influencers of making workplaces more informal. Even the dress code has changed to “business casuals” rather than suited and booted formal dressing culture. Thanks to role model leaders like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who least bothered about formal dressing.

Work life balance is getting replaced with the new term called Work-Life Integration. The hard line between work and life is becoming thin, almost invisible in many cases. With 24×7 high-speed internet connectivity and social media, it’s not really possible to turn off personal lives during office hours and either way. Millennials don’t mind accessing their work life during their personal life and also access their personal life during work.

With more and more millennial getting into the workplace, it is important for Corporate Leaders who are largely from previous generations to better understand the millennials and their workplace behaviours.

Here are few Millennial Personality Traits that you can’t ignore:

1. They are creative and problem solvers.

2. They are highly energetic and dynamic, can’t sit in a place to work for long hours.

3. They don’t like rules and regulations, they seek freedom.

4. They aren’t driven my monetary awards, instead by the meaning of their work.

5. They seek regular feedback and opportunities to continuously learn.

6. They don’t like hierarchical boundaries, but an open and friendly work hierarchies.

7. They love building work relationships and extend it even beyond the workplace.

8. They want to break stereotypes and think different.

9. They question status-quo and challenge the process.

10. They want their workplace to be social and fun filled.

Understanding these personality traits will enable you to effectively manage millennial workforce and new generation managers. Most importnat point to remember is “Millennials don’t work for you, they work with you”.

Good luck…! Stay tuned for more insights.

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