How Lucid Dreaming Can Transform Your Life

Have you ever been fully aware that you are in a dream? Have you ever consciously tried to construct a dream of yours? Have you tried to exert control over your dreams? If yes, then what you experienced was Lucid Dreaming. Let me explain it first. What is Lucid Dreaming? “Lucid dream is a dream […]

Communication isn’t as simple as just saying what you want

A Senior Manager was running a team meeting on project review. Everyone in the team stood up one by one, shared their work in progress and proposed further ideas. There were many decisions to be taken in few minutes on issues they may have worked for weeks. There was a pattern in the way he […]

Change is inevitable, here is how you can manage it

My son and I were driving back from his school a few days ago. After the daily rituals like, “how was your day? what did you guys do today in school?”, I reminded him that it’s just a week more for his summer vacation to start. He was happy and excited, but it only lasted […]

Campus placements: Is that the only purpose of education?

Objective of education in India largely culminates with the placement training programs those offer short term abilities to solve aptitude tests and soft skills aimed at campus placement interviews. The ability of a student to secure a campus offer is considered as success while there is no measure of performance, growth and satisfaction levels in […]