Change is inevitable, here is how you can manage it

My son and I were driving back from his school a few days ago. After the daily rituals like, “how was your day? what did you guys do today in school?”, I reminded him that it’s just a week more for his summer vacation to start.

He was happy and excited, but it only lasted for few seconds. I asked, “Oooh…what happened baby? why are you sad?”.

He replied, “Hhhhmmmm…..Just one more week and then I cannot come back to this campus every day. I’ve to go to the New Campus for 1st Grade.”

Change is very difficult as our brain expect certain things to remain the same. Especially in highly volatile and uncertain business environment, every moment is new and there is change always. Change is inevitable, it all depends on how effectively you manage.

Here are some effective ways in which you can manage it:

  • Anticipate change
  • Acknowledge change
  • Accept change
  • Prioritise real issues
  • Explore possibilities
  • Identify best solutions
  • Implement change
  • Change as per change

When we embrace change, learn from it and become better, change is no more our enemy. It becomes our teacher.

Good luck…! Stay tuned for more insights.

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Sivakumar Palaniappan is a Professional Speaker, Positive Psychologist, Business Consultant, Career and Life Coach. He works with Entrepreneurs, Team Leaders, Middle-Level Managers in helping them build their Effective Business Communication, Professional Speaking, Personal Effectiveness, Leadership and Managerial Skills. He is also passionate about Organisational Change Management and Intervention Strategies.

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