How Lucid Dreaming Can Transform Your Life

Have you ever been fully aware that you are in a dream? Have you ever consciously tried to construct a dream of yours? Have you tried to exert control over your dreams?

If yes, then what you experienced was Lucid Dreaming.

Let me explain it first.

What is Lucid Dreaming?

“Lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is fully aware of the dream. Even to the extent that the dreamer will be able to exert control over the characters, narrative and environment of the dream.”

Four key parameters that define the lucidity of a dream are

  1. The dreamer is aware of that they are dreaming
  2. Objects disappear after waking
  3. Physical laws need not apply in the dream
  4. The dreamer has a clear memory of the waking world.

In lucid dreaming, we become conscious within the unconscious. This opens up the possibility of directly communicating with our own divine potential, and witnessing just how limitless we actually are.

You should also be aware that Lucid dreaming is neither “day dreaming” or “dreaming in deep sleep”. It’s a subtle difference between the conscious fantasies and unconscious dreams.

How do you become a Lucid Dreamer?

Simply paying closer attention to your experiences while you are awake is the first step to lucid dreaming. By observing the precise aspects of life, you’ll be better get into lucid dreaming.

Thinking about what you want to dream before falling asleep may increase the possibility of powerful lucid dreams. This practice is called “predetermination” that enhances the chances of entering into a dream that you are then able to experience and control in ways you desire.

In fact, the Journal of Sports Sciences (Volume 34, 2016 – Issue 1) published a research article that claims, “Motor practice in lucid dreams is a form of mental rehearsal where the dreamer can consciously rehearse motor skills in the dream state while being physically asleep. This study also corroborates the previous findings that practice in lucid dreams is effective in improving performance.”

The premise of the study is that a mental simulation of a physical behaviour is neurologically the same as a “real” enactment of that behaviour. The only difference is former does not involve in real bodily movement while later does.

Now, how to use the lucid dreaming to transform your life?

How can you use Lucid Dreaming to transform my life?

When you imagine a skill or sport during “lucid dreaming,” the state in which a sleeping person recognizes he’s in a dream and takes control of it, their performance in that activity improves in real life. This could also be used effectively to imagine the life, career and relationships you want to have in your life, dream about it and bring into a reality in your life.

Everything in this world is created twice, first in the creator’s mind and then in reality.

So, if you want to craft a better career, better life, health and wealth lucid dreaming is a powerful tool to experiment and experience. The human brain will respond to the dream and lucid dreaming allows you to use dreams a simulation to condition your mind in achieving what you want to achieve.

Lucid dreams could help you overcome your fears, solving your problems, building your creativity and achieve your goals. It can be used for emotional healing and cognitive behaviour modification in overcoming shyness, inferiority complex, negativity etc.

Also please be aware that just by dreaming about doing crunches, you’ll not develop six-pack abs. However, envisioning yourself doing rigorous exercises can condition your mind to do the same in waking life. By learning to harness this ability you will be able to condition your mind to achieve larger goals in life.

Dream, dream, dream! Conduct these dreams into thought, and then transform them into action.

Practical ways of getting into Lucid Dreaming

  • Everyday invest few minutes of your time, pick one of your larger dreams, close your eyes and enter into it.
  • Experience yourself in that dream, consciously aware of what’s happening around you.
  • Now, try to influence and make changes the way you wanted the dream to be.
  • Doing this re-entering into your dreams is a wonderful way of reconnecting with your mind.
  • Again do the visualisation before you go to sleep at night, with your eyes closed.

– Sivakumar Palaniappan

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