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Transformed over 30,000+ Professionals in last 4 Years

Who Needs Self Mastery?

Professionals, Team Leads, Managers, and Corporate Leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills, advance their careers, and earn a higher salary.


Professionals often find themselves in roles where they need to take initiative, solve problems, and collaborate effectively. Developing a leadership mindset equips them with the confidence to step up, make informed decisions, and contribute more effectively to their teams.

Team Leads

Team Leads not only need to manage tasks but also guide their team members. A strong leadership mindset helps them inspire and motivate their teams, fostering a positive work environment and achieving collective goals.


Managers are responsible for driving results and ensuring their teams meet objectives. With the Mindset Mastery Leadership framework, managers can elevate their skills in strategic planning, decision-making, and effective delegation.

What will you Learn?

A World Class Framework for Self Mastery


Day 01

Self Awareness

Day 02

Setting Clear Goals

Day 03

Motivation and Resilience

Day 04

Time and Energy Management

Day 05

Massive and Tangible Action

Day 06

Learning and Continuous Growth

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About Sivakumar Palaniappan

I'm Sivakumar Palaniappan, the Chief Educator at Thinkfluence Global, a renowned Leadership Development Company. With over two decades of hands-on experience in collaborating with prestigious multinational corporations, I've traversed the corporate landscape, accumulating invaluable insights and hard-earned wisdom. I aim to impart these transformative lessons to aspiring professionals driven to excel in their career journeys. Let's embark on this transformative learning adventure together. Come join me in our #MindsetMastery.

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30,000+ Professionals

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Siva is a Most Sought After Trainer, Speaker and a Coach

Learn from the Master, Grow into a Leader

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Zoom LIVE session happens at 5.30 AM everyday.

Our each session lasts for 1 Hour. It may extend based on Q & A session.

Once the payment is successful you will get a WhatsApp Group link in the Thank You page. Join the group for further update.

It will be LIVE and you’ve to be present in the virtual session.

No, Recordings are NOT provided. You’ve to attend in person every morning.

No worries, you can  join the next batch at No Cost.

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